African Acrobats in India


African Acrobats

Russian Artist Hub presents you a performance which is much loved and appreciated around the world. Our troupe of multi-skilled African Acrobats are sure to amaze your guests. They perform a range of stunts, tricks and acrobatics that will have your guests on the edge of their seats one minute and laughing the next. This is the ideal African themed entertainment to wow your international guests, young or old.

The African Acrobats is a multi-member all-male collective of performers that come from the continent of Africa and travel the world providing exciting acrobatic entertainment for audiences of all types. This group of African acrobats has a very flexible approach to live shows and can tailor an act to suit the clients' needs as well as customize their appearance to fit with a theme. They can totally adhere to a full African Theme costume or provide something more contemporary. The multi-talented African Acrobats have a wide range of skills and talents, between them, that they make into amazing displays and family shows including limbo, rope jumping, human pyramids, hoop jumping, hat juggling and much more. They choreograph exciting routines using several of these talents and can specifically include any that the client prefers.

They will amaze crowds at your upcoming event or special occasion with this sensational African Acrobatic Group, skilled acrobats and circus entertainers who will cause jaws to drop with incredible acrobatic stunts!Our African circus entertainers love performing for both small and large audiences. Their high-impact circus acrobatic show is loved by both children and adults alike, although it’s especially enjoyed by circus enthusiasts. A show that involves incredible stunts, contortion, bowl spinning and mind-blowing tricks with fire!

Highly skilled and energetic, our circus acrobatic troupe always manages to have their audience on the edge of their seats and completely astounded by their skills. Our African circus entertainers’ versatility, diverse acts and infectious energy make them the number one option for a number of occasions. On top of that, they can wear traditional African costumes or something more contemporary to fit in with your event dress code. This circus acrobatic troupe has various African circus entertainers at your disposition. Available in a number of different lineups, one acrobat or the entire group can perform their full circus acrobatic show or separate acts at your event.

The highly entertaining acrobats have performed at events all over the world from street entertainment to huge arenas and circuses. Their very exciting African themed acrobatic shows can be enjoyed by children as much as corporate individuals the world over. Their acrobatic shows bring a light-hearted but fascinating diversion to any type of event.

Russian Artist Hub provides this performance at your event, which is a rarity in India. Absolutely authentic and full of charm, they will surely act as your show stoppers. Happy to adapt their circus acrobatic show to your event needs, our performers will customize their routines and adapt them to any performance space available, both indoors and outdoors. Call us now to book them!