Bubble Dancers For Hire


Bubble Dancers

Bubble dancers are no longer just a children’s show act. It has evolved considerably over the years to incorporate all types of performances. Dazzle guests with a unique and exciting performance by booking this incredible Bubble Acrobat, a talented dancer and performer who offers a visually stunning spectacle inside a giant bubble. She can offer both indoor and outdoor shows, which makes her mesmerism sphere act suitable for events of all sorts regardless of the season.

Her unique and exciting performance can be divided in two parts. She can dance inside her giant bubble for a while and then step out of it and execute some ground routines without the sphere. Whatever the occasion, this phenomenal Bubble Acrobat promises not to disappoint.Highly trained, this amazing gymnast will impress your guests with her jaw dropping movements and her creativity. If you’d like her to create choreographies especially for your party, she will be happy to come up with some ideas. She can also perform to requested music, so no matter what song or type of music you have in mind, our amazing bubble sphere gymnast will make sure her performance meet your criteria.

Prisoners of their bubbles, these delicate and fragile marionettes are suspended in time and in space. They move about in an elegant and luminous ballet as if carried by a breath of fresh air.

The performance can include between 1 - 20 bubbles that are up to 2 meters in diameter. The bubbles are filled with stunning contemporary dancers, jugglers, contortionists and crystal ball manipulators in elegant white evening dresses.Our bubble musician is a specialist in performing Bollywood covers and has played at high-end Indian events all over India and all over the world. This performance works exceptionally well at Indian weddings and with over seven years of performing Indian music our electric cellist plays from the heart which is evident in her warm performances that emit joy and happiness.

She can roam around your venue attracting your guests’ attention and also perform on water, which makes her unique and exciting performance suitable for pool parties, garden celebrations and open-air events, although our bubble sphere gymnast can also be a great addition for indoor celebrations.Perfect for product launches, VIP parties and summer theme events, among others, this mesmerizing sphere act is guaranteed to delight your guests and keep them sharing pictures of your party on social media.

Russian Artist Hub brings to a taste of this international act. It is the perfect entertainment option for those looking for something unique and unusual to inspire guests and leave them with a lasting impression. World-class beautifully costumed acts encased in magical transparent spheres bring an unbeatable WOW factor to any event. Highly trained and multi-disciplined performers can create bespoke performances to suit the client. Contact us to book this out of the world act. We are among the best at what we do. Drama Factory is the name you need to remember.