Champagne Chandelier For Weddings


Champagne Chandelier Act

Russian Artist Hub brings to you champagne chandeliers where aerial artists pour drinks into your glasses making your evening ever so exquisite. If you are looking for the classiest and the most glamorous act in town, something entirely new that will make your guests stop in their tracks and marvel at it, the champagne chandelier is truly the thing for you. It will transform your event like no other.

The chandelier is made by fitting with gleaming beads and thousands of cut glass crystals and vases to keep the champagne bottles. An artist suspended from the chandelier fills up the guests’ glasses from time to time and performs aerial dances using exquisite had movements. They even contort and manipulate their bodies into different postures, leaving your guests mesmerized. The aerialist with her grace and beautiful dance movements will add is bound to be the ultimate show stopper of your party. The chandelier will add the much needed bling to your party and at the same time keep it very chic and elegant. It is a truly unique bartending act and will breathe life into the bar corner of your party.

The arrangement caters to a plethora of events including corporate events, anniversary parties, bachelor parties, weddings and other functions in a wedding including the sangeet and will be an extremely great addition to a reception party. Our highly skilled and energetic artists will make this the real centre of attraction and steal the show, quite literally with guests flogging to the chandelier for the beverage to be served in the most unique fashion known to them. Be sure of your party being the talk of the town with this added feature. The artists also make use of hoops, ropes and trapezes from which they hang with their knees and feet, performing gracefully while pouring the bubbly drink.

Not limited to being a visual treat, the arrangement will also be a great addition to your social media feed and will have your party trending in no time. The act consists of two 30 minute sets or three 20 minute sets throughout which the artist performs and pours flutes of champagne to your guests.

Much like the sparkling drink, this feature too will be the true sparkle of your event and will turn out to be the central attraction, making your event a great success. It will soon make you and your party the talk of the town, even bringing high social media attention to you and your party. Russian Artist Hub brings to you the rare opportunity of getting this much sought after addition, which has been used by highly prestigious companies in the past, which will enable you to add the Wow Factor to your event and give you a chance to stand apart from the crowd. Our artists are well trained and can adapt different routines and introduce new elements to them to make it an even more breathtaking sight. Contact us to book them now and to make your event stand out from the rest!