Cello Player For Weddings


Russian Cello Player For Weddings

Russian Artist Hub presents you a performance which will make your wedding memorable among guests. Favorites on India’s music scene, our Classical Cello Player is the answer to your wedding music. With an alternative, edgy and cool look, our talented classical musician performs beautiful classic music, but not as you know it. Breathing new life into this stunning instrument, our event cellist mixes contemporary indie and alternative hits into their classical set lists for a fresh and exciting contemporary cello music experience.

Expect to hear popular favorites from the 1970s up to present day, reimagined in new, innovative arrangements for contemporary cello music. As a new breed of classical musicians and cellists come to the fore, the popularity of contemporary cello music is becoming increasingly desired in wider popular culture. Jumping on this movement, our event cellist is on a mission to share his sound with new audiences.

The cello can create a full and resonant sound without the need to rely on backing tracks or technological enhancement, offering a natural, warm and lyrical sound. Classically trained, our cello players have years of professional experience playing for a diverse range of events including concerts, openings, private events and more, as well as recording their own EP.

Our Cellist is a dynami cprofessional musician, based in New Delhi, India. He has provided elegant live music for multiple weddings, receptions, corporate functions, and other special events.Our sophisticated musician is guaranteed to bring glamour to any celebration. Always dressed appropriately for the occasion, our artisthas a comprehensive selection of gowns and casual outfits they can wear for your party. On top of that, they can wear accessories like Santa hats for Christmas parties and other themed events. Our musicians won’t hesitate to fully customize their outfits to fit your event’s theme.

Specialized in classical string music, our cello player has also explored other sounds and has experimented with rock music. His repertoire is filled with beautiful melodies by Mozart and Vivaldi and it also includes contemporary songs by The Beatles, Radiohead and Lady Gaga.A fantastic choice for weddings and high-end events and functions, our classical musicians can offer stunning instrumental entertainment for a range of atmospheres and moods. He even can include Bollywood music into the act if you wish.

Just at home on the lawn of a private garden party as they are in a grand concert hall, our event cellists will work with you to build the perfect set list and atmosphere for the energy of your event. With their musical talents spanning a diverse range of genres from classical to contemporary, indie rock and tango to Scandinavian folk, there’s sure to be something for every audience. Contact Russian Artist Hub for exclusive bookings to this beautiful art and we will arrange it for you at the best price. Our service is immaculate, and our team will ensure you have nothing to worry about. We hope you call us soon!