International Flute Mermaid For Weddings


Russian Flute Mermaid

Russian Artist Hub present the ever in demand performance of a flute mermaid but with a twist. Our artist can play the famous flute instrument as well. Perfect for any under the sea theme, our stunning Siren Mermaid is made up from the most elite mermaid performers. Witness the unbelievable and dive into an enchanted underwater realm with real-life swimming and performing mermaids.Our mermaid entertainers offer a stunning photo opportunity. Sat ashore or at the edge of a swimming pool, our mermaids will add authenticity to any beach or pool party and will get your guests talking and sharing moments on social media.

These real-life mermaids’ tails and hair accessories come in a variety of colors. One or many rusisan mermaid entertainers can swim and play around at your party and encourage people to join the fun by splashing into the water and swim with them. They play the flute as well to divert the audiences’ attention to them. Specializing in aquatic performance, our singing mermaids for events are available for tank shows, private parties, corporate events meet and greet and much more.

No tank, no pool? No problem! Our swimming mermaids are just as beguiling out of the water for dry land appearances. Our mermaid performers are highly skilled swimmers, singers, actresses and models and are sure to enthrallany and all who gaze upon them. Our mermaid performers have beautiful, high-end tails in several colors along with a vast array of tops and accessories that can be customized to your event.Come and see them gracefully glide through the water in their shimmering tails, performing music or snap a picture or two as they lounge and converse with visitors by the poolside. Seeing a real mermaid is every child’s dream and this beautiful, enchanting mermaid will not disappoint with her long golden hair, shell crown and glittering fish’s tail. She is sure to be the highlight of any under the sea themed entertainment.This sea themed walkabout and music act is an interactive entertainment option that your guests will not forget. They like to be a bit cheeky and will quite often joke around with guests.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor events, the aquatic music act is an excellent choice for under the seat themed events or any special occasion that has a fantasy or fairytale theme. They are perfect for making a scene, therefore, a great choice for any situation requiring audiences' attention.This experienced actress, singer and model has plenty of experience as a children’s party entertainer. She enjoys interacting with children and encouraging them to join the fun by swimming with her and sharing moments they will sure keep forever.

If you enjoy the ethereal sound of the ocean, then allow our mermaids to sing for you. Sit back and enjoy soothing melodies as our classically trained Siren Mermaid Duo serenade you with songs from the deep. Russian Artist Hub is the go to artist booking company to experience this extravaganza. Call us now!