Quick Change Act For Corporate Events


Quick Change Act India

A quick-change act has its own relevance and excitement. At Russian Artist Hub , we book quick change performers for events all over the world. This performer offers a high quality, high impact act that is suitable for audiences of all ages as well as customizable to fit themed events. Our Quick-Change Act is guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression with your guests. Their mind-boggling ability to change from one outfit to another in a split second is completely baffling. The entertainers have perfectly crafted this skill and deliver a flawless quick-change stage show.

The Quick-Change Act defies all odds and is able to deliver a quick-change stage show with an incrediblecostumes changes. The audience can witness the entertainers swiftly changing dresses and outfits. This is an astonishing feat that takes place in under seven minutes. Their high energy and fast paced quick change stage show keeps audiences engaged whilst anticipating the next move. Our fabulous quick-changeact is one of the country’s leading costume change illusion shows that stuns audiences of all kinds. The quick-change duo can go from one outfit to another in the blink of an eye and the wonderful routine will leave you wondering how it is done.The professional couple of entertainers have many years of experience providing exhilarating quick-change dance acts all over the world. They have devised completely stunning quick-change dance routines with a fantastic array of bold and colorful dresses backed by a pumping backing track and the use of some very unusual props.

The Quick-Change Act is a very impressive short routine that fascinates audiences of all types, old or young. The quick-change performer creates a fun ambience. Staring with a contemporary dress dancing to swing, in the flash of an eye, she changes to a traditional Oriental dress with appropriate backing music. Her final quick change transforms her into a belly dancer with an Arabic backing track. This quick-change sphere act creates a fusion of different cultures with Western, Arabic and Oriental themes. This makes the Quick-Change Act perfect for international audiences.

Based in India, our entertainers have a variety of performance options that also include aerial silks and hand balancing. They can create an action-packed forty-five-minute variety stage act that includes all of their acts. The duo has extensive experience at events all over the world from circuses to cruise ships. The duo will travel for international events and are open to long-term residency contracts.

During the show they will encourage audience’s participation, so spectators can feel as part of the show. Our quick-change artists usually invite people from the audience to join them on stage to ‘help’ them with some of their fast costume changes and some of their incredible illusionist tricks.Ideal entertainment option for gala dinners, award ceremonies, cruise ships and hotels’ show, this Quick Act Change is guaranteed to leave audiences yearning for more. Bringing together all their expertise, our talented stage performers will delight everybody with their mind-blowing performance and also with their captivating and funny personalities.