Stilt Walkers For Weddings


Stilt Walkers in India

Russian Artist Hub gives you an opportunity to showcase the talent of those who are mightily high above us- Stilt Walkers. With a flurry of glamorous red tail feathers and extravagant headdresses, our Stilt Walkers are sure to take your event by storm. Always friendly, smiling and sociable, our showgirls and show guys on stilts love nothing more than to dance!Interacting with guests as they mingle with your crowd, our stunning walkabout showgirls will shake, shimmy and dance their way across your event or carnival parade.

Adding a grand atmosphere of splendor to any event setting, our Stilt Walkers are perfect for any Las Vegas theme entertainment, carnival parades, Brazilian theme celebrations and more.Dressed in glamorous red feather headdresses, tail feathers, and silk bodices, our walkabout artists create a fantastic photo opportunity as they stride through your event high above the heads of your guests. Happily stopping to pose, show off their dazzling costumes and impressive stilt walking skills, guests won’t be able to resist having their photos taken with these walkabout showgirls.

Our stunning Stilt Walkers are elegant, timeless characters that will add a touch of class and luxury to your event. The beautiful white stilt walkers are a walkabout act that seem to almost float past in their ethereal white gowns. Their elaborate and beautifully crafted dresses are adorned with luxurious white plumes of feathers, satin and chiffon skirts that dance gently in the breeze and the soft glow of LED lights that catch the sparkle of the gems and pearls that are nestled into the detail of the costume.

The Stilt Walkers are not fairies nor are they angels but have an enchanting quality that lies somewhere between. The elegance of the all-white costumes combined with the gentle and delicate movement of the female stilt walkers creates a slightly out of this world impression and will captivate guests of all ages and cultures. They present picture perfect moments for your guests to capture on their phones and cameras, which in turn should help create a larger social media footprint for your event. Also acting as welcoming meet and greet hostesses, set the tone with this fantastic theme entertainment at the entrance to your event as guests arrive. Happy to hand out glasses of champagne as they welcome arriving guests, these stunning walkabout performers add a splash of style and color.

Whether dancing, pouring champagne, or as a charming silent background spectacle, our showgirls on stilts add that extra height, glamour, atmosphere and radiance to events.Taking your event entertainment to exciting new levels our larger than life Themed Stilt Walkers boast walkabout entertainment that is a guaranteed hit with every guest. Boasting an extensive range of circus acts and stilt walkers our performers can adapt their costume and their performance to suit a wide range of events no matter how wacky the theme.

Russian Artist Hub provides their much in demand service to you at your doorstep. Contac us and we will fix your date with the best!