Symphony Band For Weddigns


International Symphony Band

The sensational International Symphony Band from Russian Artist Hub offers you a proper glamorous showbiz experience that is easily accessible by audiences of all types. The swing orchestra infuses their live performances with humor and a really personal touch. The result is an energetic showcase of music that provides a brilliant evening of entertainment. The very smartly uniformed Orchestra, complete with their own big bandstands, deliver a show that harks back to the times of Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Count Basie and The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Filling the stage with a vast horn section, piano, double bass, guitar and vocalists, this band sure look the part and deliver the goods to an extremely high standard.

We provide you with a fully tailorable live music experience to suit you and your event type. Choose from multiple instrumentations and create your own musical outfit. Either a duo, trio, quartet or more. Based in India, this collective of expertly trained and highly professional musicians are at your disposition to create the classical music ensemble that will be perfect for your event. The musicians available are all classically trained to the highest possible standard and expert performers with sight-reading abilities, so their possibilities are almost endless. They have extremely expansive repertoires that can range from the classical music of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven right through to the likes of the Beatles and pop arrangements. This is International music at its best.

We offer it’s exquisite live music options for a diverse range of event types. From weddings, gala dinners, receptions and ceremonies to private parties, conventions, corporate functions and much. They have previously provided classical music ensembles for events all over the world and musician speak a variety of languages. Available in a number of different lineups, our live music ensemble consists of solo singers, musicians and dancers. This group of energetic entertainers is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable musical experience that guests at your event will forever remember.

A live music ensemble with many years of experience, these live party musicians have inherited a rich musical tradition from years of training. The group’s extensive repertoire has been designed to appeal to a wide international audience. The orchestra’s vocalists can singand adapt their set list to satisfy the music tastes of even the most demanding listeners! Their repertoire ranges from folk classics and old and new pop hits to Latin music, 60s, 70s and 80s dance music, and many more!Our big party symphony orchestra is guaranteed to be an instant hit at any celebration. Our artists’ infectious energy, charismatic stage presence and boundless talent will quickly make spectators connect with them and enjoy an evening of fun and live party music! Based in Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Russian Artist Hub offers the best of the best performances at the lowest prices.

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