Live Water Human Fountain For Weddings


Live Water Human Fountain

Russian Artist Hub gives you an option to take your guests by storm with our Live Human Fountain. Reaching an impressive 10ft in height, the Water Fountain dancer will bring true wow factor to your special event with couture living decor!The spectacular attraction comprises of a giant vase, filled with an interpretive dancer and magical water fountain effects! The dancer will manipulate the shape and position of her body to create a mesmerizing performance high in the air for all to see!

The water fountain will entertain guests with beautiful, visual 2 hour sets and is perfect for a broad range of events, including weddings, garden parties, birthday parties’ corporate events, and exhibitions-the list is endless. It creates fantastic dancing fountain keyboard shows with waterworks, fire, lights, colors and special effects. As if by magic, water as high as 20 meters and fire dance on the most famous classical and modern music in the world, creating a most spectacular and mesmerizing show.

The show is inspired by the most famous dancing fountains in the world like those in Dubai, Las Vegas and other great cities of the world but there is only one great difference -it is a live show intently and lovingly created by the hands of an artist.Provide your upcoming social gathering or special occasion with a visually pleasing light show and music show experience, that has been utilized within a mind blowing and "wow" factor bringing music water fountain performance! A delightful LED act that features the use of different light combinations, arrangements, holograms, and musical cues to fit within a variety of different event themes and style guidelines. A synchronized water and light show that is bound to leave your guests with unforgettable memories and experiences. A fun and sensational water-based performance that will captivate with ease.

Your guests will love our human water fountain, as our phenomenal light show, and music show experience can amaze in a variety of different ways, including being composed to perform alongside a wonderful live orchestra, or by creating a dazzling and memorable background water show to fill in a specific scenery option. Our musical water fountain is the perfect water effect producing live performance experience that will help your special event become the conversation topic among your guests for weeks. The perfect light shows and music show for private parties, corporate events, ceremonies, receptions, festivals, and more.

Within this unbelievable performance, it is also possible to combine the show with fireworks, dancers, laser shows and logos/images/video projections or with philharmonic orchestras and famous bands. Contact Russian Artist Hub to book this artist for your event! We will ensure that you get only the best artist and service. We have managed talented performers for many years and provided them the opportunity to showcase their talent. Call us now and we will ensure you are satisfied with how your event pans out. Our prices are low and will fit every client’s budget.