Red Carpet Welcome Girl in India


Red Carpet Welcome Girl

Russian Artist Hub constantly creates ideas to transform your event into a big hit. Welcome your guests in style with the stunning Red-Carpet Hostess. She is a stunning luxury welcome act that will immediately transform the entrance of your event venue and make your guests feel like VIPs.Subject your guests to the ultimate VIP entrance as our Red-Carpet Welcome Girls will bring all the glamour of Hollywood showbiz and extreme elegance. Perched on a podium, the luxury welcome act has a customized red dress that merges into the red carpet.

Whether you're holding a sensational awards themed party or other red-carpet experience, our amazing red-carpet hostesses will provide the best meet and greet entertainment experience for guests as they enter your event. We have taken the traditional red carpet experience a little further by including a built-in performer that will greet guests as they arrive. Our beautiful event girls are guaranteed to bring the wow factor to your event as our brand of Hollywood themed entertainment isn't something to miss. Our engaging entertainment will have your guests feeling like A-list celebrities the moment they step onto your event's red carpet. Our dazzling event girls are sure to leave a fantastic first impression on guests.

Our fabulous red-carpet hostesses are available on foot or on stilts as they climb between 10ft or 20ft depending on the size of your venue, helping to create a breath taking visual display of beauty that makes for unforgettable memories and unique photo opportunities as guests will clamor to snap a photo with our beautiful ladies. Our unique Hollywood themed entertainment act is dedicated to keeping your guests entertained and smiling, providing great talking points the moment she comes into view.

Our fantastic red-carpet hostess is the ideal entertainment for an awards themed party, corporate event, art exhibit, award show, private party, and more. Extremely versatile, our lovely greeter can fit within most themes. Our beautiful hostesses are available as a solo act or can be combined with any of the other dazzling acts provided by Scarlett Entertainment, to further create engaging entertainment for your red-carpetexperience.

The Red-Carpet Hostess is an eye-catching and forgettable addition to awards ceremonies, gala dinners, VIP parties, cocktail receptions and Oscars themed events. It is an ideal photo opportunity for your guests and perfect if coupled with company branding in the background. Based in California, the luxury welcome act is able to provide her exceptional red-carpet dress for events all over America. If this doesn't fit your color scheme, dresses are also available in blue, yellow and white. Custom colors can be provided with prior notice for a real one-of-a-kind experience.

If you're interested in booking our remarkable meet and greet entertainment option for your next event or gathering, contact any of the helpful team members who will answer your questions and help you book your entertainment choice. We customize our services to meet your needs.