Russian Aerial Acrobatic Acts


Aerial Acts

Russian Artist Hub brings you a great performance of a Russian Acrobatic artist. With many years performing all across the globe our Russian Aerialist boasts ambient entertainment that is of the highest caliber and guaranteed to impress a wide array of audiences no matter what their age, nationality or gender. Providing stunning elegant aerial Shows high up above the crowds, our Aerial Silks Performer is an absolute delight to watch and she will add a beautiful focal point to your event.

The highly experienced aerial silks performer has been providing her visually captivating aerial shows for a wide range of events in India for several years and has even more experience within the entertainment industry.She combines the gracefulness of classical dance with elegant aerial silks making her more of an aerial dancer than an acrobat.Using a range of beautifully colorful silks and fabrics, the aerial dancer’s performances are very fluid and graceful. This adds an eye-catching touch of class to any kind of occasion. Our Aerial Silks Performer France is available for everything from corporate events, product launches and opening ceremonies to special soirée and gala events. Her aerial shows are great as either the main attraction or a combined form of entertainment with other performers or live music.

An aerial performer who has enchanted audiences in casinos, gala dinners, private parties and nightclubs our Aerialist can adapt her act to suit all events whether it be performing as ambient entertainment helping to set the scene at an event or performing as a main stage act. Whatever your event our Berlin Aerialist is perfect for all occasions. As an experienced artist and choreographer, our Aerialist can create and develop every performance according to your program and event. Choreographing routines to your favorite track, adapting the length of each routine to complement the schedule of your evening and customizing her costumes to fit with your color scheme and theme.

Guaranteed to have everyone looking to the sky our silk aerial performer dazzles and delights as she cascades from the ceiling fusing elegance with strength and musicality with superb flexibility. With a wealth of experience travelling around the world performing no event is too big or too small for our exceptional aerial performer as she guarantees superb ambient entertainment at every event.

Able to provide a self-supporting portable aerial rig for venues without rigging, our Freestanding Aerialist is perfect for both indoor and outdoor aerial displays. Creating stunning shapes in the air with breathtaking aerial artistry, our aerial silks artist offers a number of shows to be performed high above the heads of your audience. A mesmerizing circus skill, our multi-skilled aerialist can perform with an aerial cube, silks, or hoop depending on your preference. Sure, to enchant guests with her elegant movements, our aerial cube performer’s death-defying drops and gymnastics will also shock and delight. Contact Russian Artist Hub to book her services for your event at the best price! Call us now.