Russian Bhangra Dancers


Russian Bhangra Dancers in India

The bhangra is a dance form that originated in the Punjab region of India and is associated with fun and flamboyance. Bhangra Dancers are a must for many functions- they bring the much-needed energy and passions to any event. But we at Russian Artist Hub take it to another level, with foreign artists performing the same act. Our artists have been trained to perfection to ensure there is absolutely no problem during the act. Russian Artist Hub employs professional, sophisticated and amazing Russian dancers who will perform the Bhangra for you.

Keep them at the front of the baraat when you arrive at the venue and showcase their talent with pride in front of the awe-inspiring guests who will be spell bounded by the performance. There are at least 100 songs they know the steps of and can perform them for you. Bhangra ingrained in the Punjabi culture is one of the most popular and energetic dance forms of India. Combined with Live Dhole and Peppy background music it becomes the most energetic form of dance act.

Bhangra is performed across India on many social occasions like marriage ceremonies, cultural programs, etc. It is also used in Bollywood films produced in the country. Russian Artist Hub offers both authentic & mixed forms of Bhangra Acts. Our Russian Bhangra Dance Troupe act is very suitable and highly demanded in corporate events, private parties, Punjabi weddings, birthdays and various other events.You can book a group of 5 to 10 and more Bhangra Artists for your Russian Bhangra Dance Troupe Act. Our Bhangra Dance Troupe comes with all Required Props and Assets, Dressed in Traditional Punjabi Attire the look really elegant. It is a delight to see westerners dress up in the Punjabi way. Wearing a Pagri and Kurta, they will gel really well with your guests.

Don’t assume that if they are foreigners they will not be able to perform exquisitely and may lag behind. They know and understand India’ culture really well and will be up to the mark, as good as anyone else. They will even call up the guests during the act to dance with you. Your guests can click selfies and photos with them. They speak our native language too. They will be a big hit! Our dancers are passionate about their work. Their costumes, including their beards are so realistic that you would not be able to differentiate. The easy and jovial style of the dance form has earned it many followers in other parts of the world where it has been introduced by the Punjabi diaspora including Russia. Adding their very own Russian touch to the performance, they overcome hurdles and stereotypes to make this dance their own.

Book our Russian Bhangra Dance Troupe for any event and we make sure that your guests will of on the edges of their seats throughout the act. Book now and avail the pre-booking discount. Our prices are the lowest in the industry.