Shooting Star Act


Shooting Star Act

How often do you go to a party and come out completely surprised and mesmerized with arrangements inside? Not a lot. But we all hope to host a party which can be called truly spectacular and be remembered by people for a long time to come. This dream of many can now be fulfilled as Russian Artist Hub brings to you the truly unique chance to incorporate a shooting star act into your parties and events and be the talk of town for a long time to come.

Aerial acts and performances are always something that gets people talking. After all it doesn’t happen a lot and when it does, it truly is a spectacle that one never forgets. And that is why, a shooting star act, can be the exact thing to add the much-needed sparkle to your party.

In this act, a female aerial artist performs acrobatic stunts while being supported by a string that is attached to a pole. This is free flowing and provides the artist to freely move the pole in different directions by bending in different directions. These artists bend down and interact with crowd, always charming them with their smiles and their performances. The shooting star act is a very recent and new event in India and not many people have witnessed the spectacular act which is why adding this event to your vent schedule will fetch you a lot of praise and fame.

These arrangements are perfect for a plethora of events and parties which include birthday parties, weddings, reception functions, and even corporate functions and functions held in large public places, including colleges. The only things necessary for the act are a high ceiling preferably in the center of the venue to be able to able attract and accommodate the biggest chunk of the crowd in attendance and highly trained artists.

Here in Russian Artist Hub, we assure you with artists with training of the highest order who are confident about their work and humble and charming to your guests.

The shooting star act is fast a fast catching on trend and is great way to ensure that your guests have a fun and eventful time at your party. For most people, it is still an unseen act and will hence leave them surprised and asking for more once they witness it. It is truly an exquisite act which breathes life into the party apart from being a visual treat. The shooting star act is sure to get you many compliments and will definitely get your event viral on social media soon with videos and photos from guests being uploaded soon after witnessing the performance.

These artists take the party by a storm and a stream of pleasure and happiness sweeps through the crowd every time the act draws to a close. Contact us to make your bookings now and be sure of standing apart from the crowd with this truly unique experience to gift your guests, making your party a memorable one for a long time come.