Tanoura Dancers For Weddings


Tanoura Dancers

A Tanoura dance is from the fabled land of Egypt and is among the most sought-after dance form in the world. It has a specialty of being particularly eye catching and exquisite. Tanoura, also known as dervish dancing, is an eye-catching form of folk dance in which the performer whirls around the room wearing a vibrant skirted tunic.B ook our incredible Tanoura dancers and bring an exotic and alluring act to your event. This dance show celebrates the rich cultural traditions of Egypt while adding modern flourishes to create a stunning and unique act.

Russian Artist Hub brings you their services at the best price. Your guests will be captivated by the dazzling costumes and hypnotic dances and music from our fantastic Egyptian dance show. This Tanoura dance show is perfect for bringing a unique and majestic performance to any event, dinner party or variety show and is sure to make a big impression with audiences around the world. Book our Egyptian dancers to bring a fresh and exciting dance act to your event.

With an extensive knowledge of both modern and traditional dances as well as manyyears’ experience in the dance industry, our Egyptian dancers promise to deliver a stunning and authentic dance show that will amaze audiences worldwide. If you’re looking to impress guest with an elegant and traditional cultural performance, our stunning Tanoura dance is the perfect choice. Suitable for gala dinners, drinks and cocktail receptions, cultural events, shopping malls and private parties, this Tanoura dancer will take audiences on a whirlwind journey with traditional Egyptian and Arabic dance. He/she can perform on a raised stage or catwalk or in amongst guests - depending on your venue’s facilities and your entertainment requirements - and offers both traditional costumes and LED costumes which look fantastic at evening events and in darker venues.

A world-class performer and dancer with a wealth of experience, this authenticdancer provides exciting entertainment for all kinds of events performing solo or alongside one of our stunning belly dancers or other authentic Arabic acts!The ideal entertainment option for themed events,shows or cultural celebrations, our Arabic performers pride themselves on their versatility. Able to create stunning choreography especially for your event; whatever the occasion we can guarantee that these dancers will have the perfect entertainment solution.

These performers are available in both solo and duo options. They are a great option for those looking for a different themed entertainment. Among the best in the world, our artist has performed in front of thousands in packed venues and received applause and appreciation. They have knowledge to understand what the audience prefers and cater their performance to them. So, what’s so special about this dance? Based on Sufi Islamic tradition, whirling dervish dancing, also known as Tanoura, is a vibrant form of dance entertainment in which performers rotate repetitively in circles. Seen to represent the movement of planets around the sun, the aim of the dance is to abandon yourpersonal desires. Come be a part of the spectacular with Russian Artist Hub !