White Living Statues Act


White Living Statues Act

We at Russian Artist Hub has one of the most special and different acts in our services which has picked huge attention. That act is uncommon but the kind of attention it has gathered is worth applauding. We are talking about the statue act which is the latest addition to our entertainment services. If you are totally bored with the kind of services that entertainment platforms are providing and want something new, then this statue act is built for you.

What we do is we dress Russian girls in the statue form and we place them among the public. They do not move but appear like statues. They are instructed to suddenly move their hands or change their positions which gives a ‘pleasant shock’ to the people. The guests do not have the slightest idea that the thing they are considering a statue is actually a human. This is a lot of fun. Here, we give our Russian girls appearance of fairies, queen and also historical get-ups like Cleopatra.

This special service provides ample entertainment. The reaction of people when they see a statue suddenly moving evokes some really hilarious moments. Can you imagine a statue suddenly saying hello? This pumps the vitality at parties and also push conversations. The standout thing about this act is that we provide the best in this arena. From angels to dummy actresses, our make-up staff, dress designers, and costume staff put their best foot forward to create a piece which people has not seen ever. From adults to children, each person gazes the statue for a really long time. Such is the beauty that we provide. This is actually the newest entertainment and not many entertainment platforms have this options.

Other Things To Know

In this realm, we provide customized services also. For example, if our clients have special demands regarding these statues, we try our best to cater to them. For example, we have options like bush statues, the security guards, any famous actor/actress and what not. We have special staff to cater to such demands of our clients. They put their best foot forward and provide what our clients desire. The expertise and the skills our staff have in this arena have given many exceptional services in this realm. So much so that today we stand tall among best service providers in the realm of human statue entertainment service providers.