Band Band Baaja Baaraat For Weddings


Band Band Baaja Baaraat

So, you are excited about the wedding celebrations and want to make the best memory? We at Russian Artist Hub have all the facilities to make this happen. Ever thought about coupling your ‘band and baaja’ with international merry-makers? Well, now you can think of it because it is possible now. You just have to incorporate us in your revelry and we will make your ‘band baaja’ an international one by involving foreign dancers at your celebrations. We have the Russian dancers who will dress in Indian attires and will be a part of ‘baraat’. Imagine five foreign dancers dancing in synchronization in your ‘baraat’. We are sure it will take the excitement many notches higher and your ‘baraat’ will become a memorable one.

Special Things

Our Russian dancers have been doing the Indian dance with finesse at many events. This means that they have the professional skills and they are also the trained dancers, When they will join you in your function, it will make your celebration stupendous and highlighted as well.

Russian girls are naturally tall and exceptionally beautiful. To make it optimum, we have the costume and make-up department which enhances their beauty and looks. They also give them the outer look which perfectly matches the aura of ‘baraat’. When these girls join the ‘baraat’ and start dancing, their performance makes the adrenalin pumping.

Sometimes, it happens that relatives just do not have the flair for dance. Even if they have, it is not possible for them to dance nonstop. Here, our dancers save the ‘baraat’ from getting silent. Our dancers perform in ‘baraat’ at fixed intervals of time which keeps on pumping the vitality in the celebration. So, this way the excitement factor does not die even if the’barratis’ are not tapping their feet.

Another factor which makes the involvement of our Russian dancers in ’baraat’ an awesome choice is that they perform the Indian dance. We have the choreographers who make sure that the steps these dancers perform are well-suited for the Indian scenario. So, despite being the Russian girls, the warmth and the ‘India’ factor in their performance is maintained thoroughly. Moreover, the costumes of the girls are also authentic and perfectly matches the aura. There is nothing that makes the dancers look out of the place. They synchronize themselves in a way that they too look the part of the wedding family.