Martini Girl For Weddings


Martini Girl Act

Russian Artist Hub brings to you the opportunity to transform your event with our unique bartending styles which will be a pleasant departure from the regular bar desk which are a common sight in almost every party. It is time to give a much needed twist to the bar corner and add some zing to it.

The arrangement features a life- sized martini glass with a dancer inside. There are LED lights around it. The glass can be customized and can be fitted with a stand which holds liquor bottles and glasses which enable the dancer to serve drinks once her set is over. This event is an amusing addition to the bar and will get guests talking about its uniqueness. The arrangement also provides for a great photo opportunity.

Our artists are highly skilled at what they do and can entertain your guests with graceful and delicate dance moves, and contortions of the body which is bound to take by surprise and awe. This arrangement, like many others that the Russian Artist Hub has to offer, is one of its kind and will get your visitors talking and appreciating the event and the arrangements.

The act is appropriate for reception functions, bachelorette parties, anniversary parties and even corporate events. The booze counter at any party is set to attract people and it’s time that the regular bar set up is given a twist and made memorable for people.

The martini glass act has been a hit in the west and in India too, the trend is fast catching but still fairly recent. Not many have witnessed the spectacular sight. With the introduction of this act, you will give your guests something to remember and talk about for a long time to come.

The performance can be customized as suited to your needs. Our artists are trained in various forms of dance and can perform to a variety of music ranging from slow paced music to songs with fast beats, including Bollywood songs, which is sure to delight the guests.

The artist performs for an hour long set that can be followed by the dancer serving drinks to the audience. The act caters to people across all age groups and makes for a visual treat irrespective of whether people drink alcohol or not and is guaranteed to get everyone interested with the dancer’s graceful moves in perfect synchronization to the music.

These Burlesque dancers are sure to get everyone talking about your party, and will even provide great social media fodder which is sure to take up your popularity and followers on social media sites, with guests sharing photos and videos of the act. The act can breathe life into your party and make it a one of a kind event, making it the talk of the town for a long time to come, and a memorable and a one of its kind experience for your guests. Contact us to book the act for your next party and add the much needed Wow factor to it!