Molecular Bar Setup


Molecular Bar Setup

Cocktails are special and if you want to go an extra mile to serve your guests with these drinks, then the new trend of Molecular Bar Setup is here for you. We, Russian Artist Hub present you with the perfect amalgam of alcoholic drinks that will be served to your guests at perfect Molecular Bar Setups created by our staff. Our decorators are fully capable of creating a full-fledged Molecular Bars at your events where Russian Bar Tenders (female) will attend to you. Is not it sounds glamorous and exciting? Just imagine how magical it will appear when this type of setup at your wedding function ceremony or corporate party will adorn your party venue.

Why Molecular Bar Setup?

We know about ‘Martini’ which is known as ‘the only American invention as perfect as sonnet’ and is one of the initial drinks which comes under molecular mixology. Actually, it is the art in which certain cocktails are mixed to produce the exceptional taste to make the taste buds ecstatic. This bartending is an art and when the bartenders are ‘Russian Girls’ the glamor factor will definitely double. The taste and exceptionally awesome drinks that are served in the molecular setup is the main reason why people are incorporating this at their events. Talking about the setup, beautiful utensils of huge and small sizes are used to serve the drinks and the very appearance makes all of the stuff very attractive. To add more to it, our decorators make the setup of this bar so meticulously by adorning it using different lights and delicate decorating items that the very spot (where drinks are served) becomes head-turner.

Our bartenders are professionals in the field. They know how to use the mixing equipment to produce the different and lip-smacking cocktails. They know exactly what to serve people and how to cater to the guest’s demands. We could provide both male and female bartenders. It just depends on the demand of our clients. Each and every server of our platform knows the art of garnishing the cocktails, mixing them using equipment, putting special fruit ingredient for that sweet aftertaste etc. In short, our staff leaves no stone unturned when they are involved to serve people in the realm of the molecular cocktails. Today we lie among the few platforms who provide service in this realm. Give us a chance and we will give you awesome service.