Russian Bandin India


Russian Band

Russian Artist Hub presents an exciting and bold Russian Band band that will have all of your guests mesmerized, compelled to dance and unable to drag themselves away from their lively gypsy party, this contemporary twist on Russian music makes for the ultimate event party band. With their own unique sound, the band’s repertoire is an addictive blend of wild beats, gypsy flair and modern sound.

Our Band is a professional collective of musicians who offer diverse, high quality live music to suit a wide variety of events. They are a very sophisticated and highly presentable live act well suited to high end events as well as an exceptional function band for weddings. Based in Delhi, India this function band is made up of very talented musicians and a brilliant and very charismaticvocalist. Additional members include vocalist and keyboard player upon request. They offer cool, laid-back live music that is sophisticated and appeals to many different audience types. Our Party Band is a quintet of very experienced musicians who have not only performed all over the world but come together to create very dynamic and dance floor friendly function band ready to have your guests dancing all night long. Their exceptional live music is perfect for creating a lively atmosphere.

The Band has a very expansive and diverse repertoire that can be fully tailored to client preferences. This ranges from timeless classics by the likes of Bon Jovi, The Eagles and Chaka Khan to some of the latest chart hits by Adele, There Weeknd, Bruno Mars and Sia. The function band rotates between charismatic singers, each with their own adaptable vocal range. This live music band is all about delivering high quality party music for you event, whatever it may be. They are highly suited to weddings, private and corporate functions, cruise ships, bars and hotels. They can not only customize their appearance for the event but also completely tailor their set list to include the songs you want to hear. They are open to learning requests and can perform gentler, background music too.Their expansive repertoire features a variety of songs in English, Russian and French sung by the soulful female vocalist.

This is an excellent function band for weddings that really understands providing the best kind of live music for couples’ big day as well as being an exceptional booking for corporate events and private clients. They take a very personal approach to every event ensuring they can provide exactly the kind of live music the client requires.Performing a range of music from Russian culture with a growing number of original compositions and arrangements. Performing music and gypsy music with a contagious stage presence and passion, our Russian band are guaranteed to get your guests dancing all night long.

Contact Russian Artist Hub with your request and we will ensure that you have the best time at the show. Our artists are professional and trained to handle all eventualities. We are waiting for your call!