Trio Violin Band


Trio Violin Band

The fantastic Trio Violin Band and Drums is an exciting live music concept that brings all the glamour of a string trio but brought to life with the rhythm and percussions of a spectacular performance. The Trio Violin Band manages to restrain their enchanting instrumental renditions of popular songs, but the addition of a great program gives a far greater live music experience and a real alternate take on string ensembles and live bands.

The Violin Band is a stylish, classically trained string ensemble that features some of India’s most up and coming musicians. Their backgrounds orientate around performing the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart but they put their talents into this exciting live music concept and put their talents into covering more contemporary music, including Bollywood and romantic songs. Create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere with our talented Trio of musicians. Highly professional, our three talented string musicians effortlessly create beautiful harmonious music with their violins. Creating an elegant atmosphere, our string ensemble is guaranteed to charm guests with their melodious compositions.

Just as visually impressive as they are enchanting to listen to, our event violinists’ playing technique and dynamic style create a striking focal point in any event setting. With a vast repertoire spanning several musical genres from classical to contemporary, our violin trio is able to accommodate almost any event style and energy. Create a soft, ethereal atmosphere with light ambient classical music from around the world. Our talented event violinists’ innate musicality can create a dreamlike quality perfect for a refined drinks reception, elegant soiree or wedding ceremony.

Also fantastic for building drama and energy, our talented violin trio can play livelier classical pieces with commanding presence for a captivating performance. Opening strings to new audiences, our string ensemble also boasts a huge number of contemporary hits among their repertoire for a fresh, modern and engaging show. Young audiences will revel in hearing their favorite rock anthems reinterpreted with innovative string compositions. Expect to hear renditions from the most popular musical artists in the world.

Our Trio Violin Band has a vast repertoire of completely original arrangements and reinterpretations of artists spanning years of performances to large audiences. They are constantly adding new songs to their repertoire to provide clients with the freshest most current live music options. The Band also has a selection of jazz and laid-back easy listening tunes for more intimate events. The best part about them is that the ensemble's live performances cross the line between classical and contemporary music together which is very appealing for a diverse range of audiences and highly suited to a range of events. From luxurious dinner parties to corporate brand launches, this ensemble always makes a huge impact.

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